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A brand.

Underground fashion. 

Creative genius.

Representation of a generation that's paving a way...

Bringing back Individuality and personal progression.


We are the TRUTH behind the subliminal LIES you see every day in our culture. We believe in being TRU to yourself rather than living the LIE society has planned… Or in other words, “STANDOUT”. Live vicariously through our story. Get with it, don’t get left.




Straight out of the Windy city, we were a group of ordinary kids... big dreams without a way to see them out. All our lives we are programmed obtain skills that would allow us to work efficiently for someone else. The only thing that separates us from others is that we decided to follow our passion. Took chances, made mistakes, moved forward, and constantly aimed high. Imagination without Skepticism... Success with NO RULES OR LIMITS...